11.17.17Maggie Taylor

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is still an opportunity to donate to the Kickstarter? My father is a BIG Joe Gransden fan, and the family wanted to donate at the Silver Level 2 for his Christmas gift.

I was also interested in knowing if he has any concerts coming up in December. We were considering buying tickets for his Christmas gift as well. I only see his itinerary listed through 12/01.

Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


11.14.17Samuel Schlosser

I’m Principal Trombone in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. I also play with Seth MacFarlane as a member of his band backing him when he sings Sinatra tunes with orchestras. I’d love to play in your band. Any chance of that happening?

11.07.17Dr. Sam Light (Laura Harper's Dad)

Hey Joe,
I am organizing a fine arts fund raiser night at our high school. My plan is dinner and student art display in the cafeteria. Our jazz band and chorus will preform during dinner. Then the topper of the night is your exceptional voice and talents. Your band is always welcome!! The community will be invited. I am thinking about March 5, 2018. I have a grant that can pay for your appearance. You are welcome to stay with Kay and I for the night if you would like. Thanks for your consideration,
Sam Light

10.30.17Anne A Landers

I would like to ask about the possibility Joe would entertain at a small wedding. The wedding would probably be during the week. And very soon, January at the latest. Thank you so much.

10.26.17Dave Hawkes

Hi Joe, I'm sure hoping you get this... I was "that guy" on the fat bike after the Albright Konx concert you played on a Sunday last summer in Buffalo, NY. I told you how much we enjoyed the concert and wanted to buy some CD's... You geve me a discounted price on two of them and I have not stoped listning to them. I'm sure hoping you come back to Buffalo soon!

Anyhow... I'm coming through Atlanta [where you seem to be 'home based'] on November 8th, 9th or 10th. Where are you for those dates? Thanks and without sounding like some 60 year old crazed groopie, I so enjoy you music! Big Thanks, Dave Hawkes

10.04.17Grant Cleaveland

Hi Joe,

I am trying to locate the EIN for Gransden Music LLC for my tax returns, as I am able to write off cost for Jazz Camp this Summer.

Is it possible for you to send me the correct Federal ID? I have the GA ID of 11027260, but need the Federal EIN.


Grant Cleaveland

09.29.17bill fearney

thought i was on your mailing list ? please put me on. thanks

09.29.17bill fearney

thought i was on your mailing list ? please put me on. thanks

09.24.17Jim Morgan

Hey Joe, my wire and I are coming to Atlanta to see our daughter on October 6th & 7th. Will you be performing anywhere in the Atlanta area that weekend?

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Take Care,

Jim Morgan

09.13.17Kathy Hoenig

We have enjoyed following you for several years since a summer concert at Polo fields and at the Rialto, Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra and the Velvet Note in Johns Creek.
We were wondering whether you play at private events?

09.13.17Synia Carroll

Hi Joe is great fun meeting you and sitting in last night. Thank you IRMA!!!! Please send me you mailing address I would like to send you my CD. Here are a couple YouTube links & my website:


09.07.17Muffin B Sewell

Kristen Ramey told me that your quartet will be playing at the hope ball this Saturday. My daughter will be leading the children with the light of hope. Do you know what song(s) will be played during that section? I'd like to give her the opportunity to prepare.

Thank you in advance.

08.10.17Joel Kevin Burgess

Hi Joe! Wondering about your show at Nixon Center in Newnan on the 26th. Will this be an all Ella music show? I'm hoping you will do a variety of your usual fare with just a few Ella's thrown in. Please advise so I will be an informed decision maker. Thank you, -Kevin

08.01.17Randy Elkins

Joe, I\'m director of music at Virginia-Highland Church in Midtown Atlanta and I want to start some kind of jazz service at the church. I was recently in Boston for a conference and experienced what the folks at Old South Church on Copley Square do for their jazz service and thought our city needs that too. Would you contact me about doing this? I need to figure out budget, repertoire, etc. We\'re not reinventing the wheel but there is a lot of latitude! My phone number is 404-889-7101. Maybe Kenny would want to do this, too. Maybe you already do it. Take care, Randy

07.31.17Tracy Roberts

Please add me to your mailing list - thank you!

07.19.17Ian Mackay

Are you playing at Valenza tonight at 7pm? I\'ve booked a table, but no one at the restaurant is there to confirm whether or not you are playing. Thanks and hope to see you tonight.


07.12.17Lisa Anderchak

Hi Joe!
We are looking at planning an interior design product event for Sept 14th and we are considering a prohibition themed event at the Wimbish house. Wondering 1 - if you have that date open and 2 - what the cost would be to have you plus a piano player for the event.
Wimbish house has (2) pianos on site.
When you have a moment please email me.
Thank you,

07.03.17Christi & Bruce Hinkley

Hi Joe! We would love to come to Cafe 290 tonight at 8pm to celebrate July 🇺🇸4 eve ! Will there be tickets available at door - or are either f your ur shows already sold out? I've tried to call several times during the day , however have not during evening hours🙃 as I should. Hope to see you tonight!

06.08.17Nancy Battaglia

Joe - I just tried to book three tickets for the Blue Note and was told they are not available. Can I get them through you? Nancy

05.31.17Mae Tidman

Hello Joe,

We received your name from our friends Denise and Earl Klugh. My fiance and I are looking for a musician to play during the ceremony of our wedding in Blue Ridge, GA on Friday October 27th this year. Would you be interested and available to perform at our event?

Thank you!
Mae Tidman

05.11.17Grace Hawthorne

I'm a free-lance writer working for BuckHaven magazine. We doing a story about Buckhead Crooners and plan to include a blurb about Joe. I think I have enough information here to work with. However, would you please send a headshot directly to Sue Collins, scollins@lifestylepubs.com




05.04.17Jean Weber

I am a good friend of Bette Meeder & often come with her to 290. I thought you all would like to know - if you don't already know - that she passed at 12:30 pm today. You meant so much to her & gave her so much pleasure. Thanks.

04.28.17Carla Fackler

August 13, 2017, Rabun County Music Festival: For printed program, need concert performance list of songs. Possible?

03.29.17Alec Smith

Hoping to do something special for my son's 17th birthday. Want to bring him down to Cafe 290 Monday the third . May have trouble with his age. Going to talk with owner. Is it true, Josh Ingle has been on stage with you all? He is my boy's (Tommy Smith) mentor. If I can get him in a shout out would be cool. A n oportunity to whale . . .If you don't recognize my name, been sitting in front of your Mom & Dad this season in Roswell; been to all the bands Roswell shows, with Tom the first time, Sinatra show with Skelton BeBop. Been Doing my best to promote the band. Am asking a favor . . .

03.20.17Rosalyn Reilley

We are looking for a jazz trio to play for one hour during a wedding rehearsal cocktail hour on Friday Aug 4, 2017 from 6:30-7:30pm at our home in Sandy Springs. Hope you can recommend a group to us.

03.12.17Tom Carpenter

Hi Joe:
I've still got you down for Sunday April 2 to redcord
for Atlanta Jazz and Bllues. I wont be able to start
work on the session right away as I am leavingfor Washington the next day and will be gone several days.
It would be a big help if you could send me a
"shot list" if the songs you will do. Basically I want
to know how each song starts out, when each section plays and the ordeer of solos. In a vertical column
it might look something like this:
keys 4 bdar intro
full band
saxophone section
trumpet section
full band
tenor sax solo
trumpet solo
etc etc (I think you get the idea)
Recording at the Southern Museum of Music
760 10th St. Atlanta (going West)
(Also known as the West Side Arts Center)
Any questions call me.
Tom 404-377-9558


Hello Joe My understand you where a friend of Larry-Douglas Embury
I am trying to keep his work and memory going. Do you have any copies by chance
of his cds

Thank you



02.26.17Tony Creek

Hi Joe,

Hello from Oz !

I am a real fan of your work and hope that it continues well into the future. Just great.

I know this request is probably not possible but I thought I'd ask it any way - is there any chance of me getting the sheet music for 'One mint Julep' please. I sing in a couple of Sydney big bands on an amateur basis and would really like to have a crack at this chart. If you can't let it go I can well understand why.

Anyway, cheers for now


02.19.17Christi & Bruce Hinkley

Hi Joe-
We'd love to get a group together for your March or April Reynolds Plantation @ Ritz -do you have those dates yet? We want to get the word out- also book rooms early:-) Thanks! Christi







02.15.17Charlie Ogburn

Monday, May 15? Buckhead Club in Atlanta? 6:30 PM?
Please email me or call me at

02.15.17Charlie Ogburn

Monday, May 15? Buckhead Club in Atlanta? 6:30 PM?
Please email me or call me at

02.08.17Shane and Jeannie

please ad me to your email newsletter list.

01.23.17Leslie Price

I'm a big fan and was wondering if you do weddings in Atlanta for our daughter. If so, I'd love info on how many pieces you'd recommend and pricing for a weekend evening in 2018 (date not picked yet). Thanks!

01.21.17Mike Vax

Hi Joe:
I just sent an email message to your listed address and it came back. We had talked a while ago and you had said that you were going to look into some school contacts for our Kenton Legacy Orchestra tour in April. I still could use some help to fill in some dates. I also left a message for Johnny at Cafe 290, but never heard back. Hope to hear back from you.

12.19.16Kobi wilmot

How do u order tickets for Friday show? How much are they? Thanks

12.15.16Rina Kennedy

Joey - So wonderful to see you doing what you love!! I remember seeing you play with the Tommy Dorsey Band at Disneyland many years ago. One of these days I'd love to visit Atlanta and see you play again. If your ever on the west coast let me know. Say "Hello" to your mom and dad from me. Merry Christmas, Rina (Joanne's daughter)

12.14.16Nathan Kloes

We are big fans of the band and just attended the band's Christmas concert at Roswell Cultural Center! My sister is visiting from California in January and we would like to give her a Christmas gift of coming to see you guys! She will be here most of January but not the first and third Monday when you guys are at Cafe 290. Do you have any events scheduled in January, including Venkman's?

12.12.16John Reed--3 Rivers Jazz Band

Enjoyed opening for you in Vidalia October 22! I have some questions regarding your digital sheet music & iPads: which software package are you using, and details on the conversion process. Thanks!


can I order tickets online? interested in your C'mas concert.

11.20.16Mandy Slater

Interested in 3-4 person band for NYE party at a restaurant. Would like a quote and band would play from 9-12:30am. Thank you.

11.10.16Lois Young

I am the membership coordinator for the Hudgens Center for the Arts in Duluth, GA. The Hudgens Center for the Arts is a regional arts center that fosters a creative culture encouraging our community to explore, participate and experiment with the visual arts. We are currently scheduling and booking 4 music acts for our 4 evening events for our members and patrons for 2017. We would like to include Joe Gransden and his band in our lineup. For your consideration, would they be available for either of these dates?

Saturday, March 1
Saturday, June 3
Saturday, September 2
Saturday, December 2

If interested, please include your booking price.

Thank you for your consideration,

Lois Young
770-623-6002 X208

11.07.16Meredith Paulin

Hello my husband plays trumpet and I would love to get information on your private lessons as a holiday gift. He is friends with Kevin Hyde and knows some of your regulars from his years playing in Atlanta and at UGA:)

11.06.16Mikke Schofiled

Hey Joe:: I'm blown away as I llsten to "In a Sentimental Mood". Is it my ears or are you playing with an ever so small amount of raspyness in your sound? Sounds Great! Now if this is something new that you are doing and can turn on & off I would sure like to know how you're doing it. Hope everthing is well with you and your family! First time I've looked at your website in some time.
Mike Schofield

10.27.16Jim Story


You played for me at Big Canoe and wish we could have had you at Druid Hills during my time there. I am now GM/COO at Pensacola Country Club and would be interested in your fees to come play at our Members Christmas function December 9th. Don't need full big band but something similar to what you did at Big Canoe. I think you had six pieces. Look forward to hearing from you.


Jim Story, CCM CCE
General Manager/COO
Pensacola Country Club

10.25.16Joanna Arrieta

We are looking for a band to play for our Candlelight Nights program in the Swan House at the Atlanta History Center on December 9th and 16th. The Swan House would not be able to hold the full 16 piece band so I was wondering if you have a smaller arrangement. This is a Christmas program and we love Joe's Christmas music! If you are available please let me know your price points.

10.16.16Thomas "Bop" Husak

Hello Joe,
Been in contact with Rich Pulin. Rich thinks you might be interested in my charts. I have a mix of instrumental and vocal arrangements - NO CHARGE - impressed with your scene and just want to share with your wonderful band. I have a number of postings on YOU TUBE -check it out if you would. Rich thought you'd like my stuff - everything swings, everything is crazy - NO CORN. Sinatra would kill for my chart on "The Way You Look Tonight"!
The best,

Thomas "Bop" Husak, Artistic Director, Professor of Music, Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

512.288.2291 (ALMERCOURT Farm land line)

08.20.16Brent Torgrimson

Hi. I saw Joe maybe 10 years ago and really liked his stuff. I wrote a song that is an excellent song. I'm confident it is well suited for his style and I'm emailing to see if he's interested in checking it out. I'd be glad to just give it to him without compensation. If interested, kindly send me an email address and I'll send a Dropbox link to an MP3 of it.

It's called The Cad, and it's about a gold digging woman and a playboy and how they each have their angles they're working.

08.16.16John Chacona writer/producer

Mr. Gransden --

I am a freelance writer for the Erie (PA) Times-News' ShowCase entertainment tab, assigned to write an article previewing your appearance on the Bemus Bay Pops Labor Day program.

If possible, I would like to request a press packet (if one exists) and, ideally, an opportunity to do a phoner with you. If the program for the concert has been set, I would appreciate receiving that, as well.

My preview is due no later than Friday, so I apologize if there is not enough time to do all this. I should tell you that I have a day job, so phoners will have to be done after 4:30 p.m. EDT or at noon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please reach me at any of the coordinates below if you have any questions.



-- 30 --

John Chacona
P.O. Box 2074
Erie, PA 16512-2074
+1 814.882.9464 v
+1 708.850.9464 f

Twitter: JohnChacona
WhatsApp: John Chacona
Skype: john_chacona
FaceTime: johnchacona@gmail.com

08.07.16Joan Borzilleri

Hey Joe, love your music - saw you at Heritage Sandy Springs a couple of years ago. Someone told me you have a connection to Buffalo, NY but I don't see it in your bio. Keep on entertaining us!!

08.04.16Tamzen Pickard

Hi, I'm the wedding coordinator for the weddding on September 4, 2016 at The Garden at Great Oaks. You are performing. I need to speak with you. Please call 678.925.6358 Thanks Tamzen Pickard


HEY JOE, where's H. i' ve notiiced all o his shows r repeats.he's been part o my radio life since the early 80's. i che cked the internet n found 0. knew u were friennds.

luv th eastwood praise congrats

07.23.16Carmen Cruz

Hi there! Any way to get tickets for tonight? Would love to see you! My number is 770-401-4234
This is Carmen, your former band material 😎

07.13.16Ed Watkins

Sure enjoyed your appearence at the Spirit of Atlanta Hall of Fame event. Our son, who was with Spirit in the 1980s, had to agree with my earlier comment to him that was raally going to enjoy your band. Later he said. "Really great and tight and the leader is laidback". He alsp commented on how the guys sight read Nutville.

Caught the show at Eddie's Attic. Man,, that was loud but good.

My buddy is out of town. We are going to try and catch you at 290 in
September. Will your band be there on Labor Day or September 7?

The type size on this form is really hard to read.

Best regards,

Ed Watkins


Hi I am looking to book someone to do mine and my wife's wedding and I was wondering how much you charge to do weddings assuming you do them. Thanks so much!

07.03.16Randy Sekeres

Hey Joe - You had mentioned at a recent concert that you and band could use some extra financial help with the trip to NYC. I do realize it's quite an endeavor to make a gig like that happen. I'd be happy to contribute a couple hundred dollars to the cause, which I hope will help defray some of your expenses... or at least buy a bottle of NY wine at dinner... ;-)

Just let me know how you'd like me to do that. I'll probably be at Cafe290 Wednesday night and can give you a check then.

- Randy Sekeres

07.01.16Hey i just saw your video on Google

Hey There,
thanks for taking the time to read my email
i just want to share with you this quick video showing you how i am ranking video after video on the first page of google!
Look i know you get message after message from people telling you how they can get you first page rankings, well in this video i show you that i WALK THE WALk!
All i ask is you give me 2 mins of your time so i can show you how i rank Videos on the front page of Google and how i can do the same for you bringing in clients\sales in days!
http://www.freshclients4u.com (this will take you to my private blog)
enjoy the video and get ready to have your socks blown off!
enjoy! Dean.
Hey i just saw your video on Google http://www.freshclients4u.com

06.23.16Andrew Simpson

Good Morning Joe,

I would like to know how much it would cost to book either you or the 16 piece jazz band.

I am trying to organize a Valentines Day weekend event and would love for you to play here in Eatonton. I am not sure whether you are booked that particular weekend.

Please let me know if you are available?


Andrew Simpson
Cell: 470 203 6988
Telephone: 706 749 9150
Email: andrew@eatontonmainstreet.com
Website: eatontonmainstreet.com

06.21.16Mariona Lloreta

Hello Joe and team,

My name is Mariona Lloreta and I’m a Brooklyn-based film director and artist original from Barcelona, Spain. I just saw that Joe will be performing at the Blue Note and I wanted to check in to see if you’d like to film the performance or to offer my services for other live-show recordings/music video needs.

For over a decade, I have helped propel the careers of numerous artists by providing amazing audiovisual materials to their brand - from Joe Lovano, Walter Beasley, Kurt Elling, Somi (Sony Music), Jeremy Bosch, Yoko Miwa, Aruan Ortiz or Elan Trotman, to name a few. Moreover, I have extensive experience in narrative/creative filmmaking as I have directed award-winning films in locations such as Italy, Nigeria, Ghana or the United States. Below please find some examples of my portfolio:

www.marionalloreta.com/amenze (password: entredoismundos)
Find more on my website: www.marionalloreta.com

Let me know if you’d like to further discuss the possibility of working together.

Thank you and congratulations on your work!

All the best,

Mariona Lloreta

06.17.16I waa just reading a review about your business..

Did you know 92% of people read online reviews before selecting a business or service?
I want to offer you a 100% online free report on your business
this report will show you
Your online reputation score.
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Get your reputation report free at http://www.fivestarfastlane.com
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06.14.16Randy Sekeres

Hey Joe,

When you play "Straight, No Chaser," which version is it? It sounds to be in a lower register than most I see available in sheet music. It's one of my favorites I'd llike to work on.

Thanks again - great show at CNC and I'll probably see you tonight at Venkman's.

- Randy

06.06.16Steve Rogers / GMC Milledgeville

Inquiry re performance for Georgia Military College Alumni Weekend on Saturday, October 15, 2016. Thank you, Steve Rogers

06.05.16Ed Watkins

When will information be available about the fund raiser for Spirit of Altlanda Joe and the band are playing on June 25 at 5 Seasons Brewing be available?

FYI: You need to chenge the font and increase its size of the type on this form. It is very difficult to read.

06.03.16Sally Dorsey

Hi Joe
I am chairing an event at Flourish next Feb 25 and would love to talk to you about your performing then and there. The ball, themed The Jazz Age, will benefit Mercy Care. Tony Conway gave me your info and recommended I get in touch.
I look forward to hearing from you. Sally

05.26.16Sally Boice

Hi Joe,
THe benefit concert for the Y was a hit, but not as great as if you had been there, of course. I'd love to include you next year, so if you plan your schedule a year in advance, name your date. It doesn't have to be any certain month.

I look forward to seeing you at Sid's on the 18th. Tonight I went to the CHattahoohee Nature Center's Sunset and Sips. It was a wonderful venue if you ever want a nice outdoor setting.

Lastly, my 16 year old plays the trumet, and would like to take some lessons . Do you have any favorite instructors in the area ?

Sally, your admiring fan

04.15.16Pam Martindale - Rabun Co Music Festival

Would you like to be considered to play for our 2017 season? Dates are July 2, July 16, July 30 and August 13 ... do you have a preference? If so, can we do it for $7,500? It's a bit more than last time but I think we can stretch the budget. Hope this works out. Let me know.
Pam Martindale 706-746-5420

04.13.16Dennis Chapman

My wife and friends have attended your past years concerts and as a horn player truly enjoy your performance. What talent you have in your big band.

As you embark on next year it would be great to have you do a herb Alpert type concert. With all those wonderful trumpits it would be great. Even buglers holiday as a request.

As a native Atlantan I thank you for all you do and the talent you highlight each time you perform

My thanks and best wishes
Dennis Chapman

03.17.16Nadia Lancy

Hi there,
I'm surprising my boyfriend for his birthday with dinner at Venkmans followed by your concert on March 29th. I'm wondering if you ever do dedications??
Thank you so much!
Nadia Lancy

03.16.16jim ward

Saw your jam session at Venkman's last night and really enjoyed it. I'm wondering whether Apres Deim or the Right Light Cafe has the better jam session tonight. thanks

03.15.16Amy Crowell

Joe- I have worked with you on Taste of the Nation. I'm interested in getting a quote from you for a client Make a Wish Georgia. Their Wish Ball is Saturday, October 22 at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead. We have an after party from 10:30 - midnight. What would you charge to play for that timeframe?

03.15.16Michelle Jarrell

I'm the F&B director for Heritage Springs Country Club in Trinity, Fl. One of my members recommended your show to book for a member dinner or member show. I am interested in getting pricing from you for the full orchestra and/or a partial. I'm looking into booking shows for the Fall of 2016 and beginning of 2017. I'm open to dates and open if pricing is slightly less if/when booking in conjunction with another show if it's local. Thank you in advance for your time.

03.04.16John McKevitt

Hello Iam am recently relocated to Atlanta area from South Florida( Ft Laud , Miami, West Palm) I am primarily a Bas trombonist and have been playing 40 + years. I have backed artists such as Ray Charles,, Toni Tennille/ Matt Catingub, Jerry Valle , Eddie Arnold..... Recorded Tv Specials w/ Ringling Bros Big Bands I have played with U of Miami Concert Jass Bands 1 & 2, New Gene Krupa Band, Dennis Nodays Stan Kenton Orch, Meton Mustafa Big Band, Lee Harris Super Band Dick Cullly Big Band, Danny Salmasian Big Band and many others as well as Jass , Rock, Blues, Casino Bands,, Horn Sections I also play Tenor and Contrabas Trombones and Tuba. I am looking for groups to Play with . John McKevitt 561 459 9476

03.04.16Doug Wessinger

I know it's short notice but I was wondering if Joe and Kenny Banks might be available for a small birthday event on 03-26-16 in Roswell GA? His itinerary looks clear that night.

03.01.16LES HOWLEY


02.22.16Kim Jones

My daughter is planning to get married in the fall but hasn't set the date. She is an "old soul" who loves Sinatra, Garland, and the other greats! Before I even suggest your group, I wanted to find out how much you charge for about an 8 piece band. Thanks, Kim

PS- My cell is 404-308-1001
PPS- My friend Scott Atchiison highly recommends you!

02.21.16Randy Sekeres

Joe - I have the video of the young soprano sax player you requested last Tuesday at Venkman's. Good stuff and I'd be happy to post is somewhere if you have a drop location. Let me know.

Thanks and see you probably at Venkman's on Tuesday.

- Randy

02.16.16Krystal Johnson

Hi Mr.Gransden! My name is Krystal and you came highly referred by Mr. Phil West. I am a trumpet player seeking private lessons in jazz improvisation. I would love to learn to improvise in the style of 'straight ahead' jazz and bebop because I know that if I can really get a grip on those concepts I can pretty much play anything I want. I can already play the horn and currently play in a corporate band as well as some other things, but I really want to learn to improvise comfortably. I originally contacted Mr.West because I loved his sound, but he informed me that he is not taking on any students at this time. You came highly recommended and after listening to some cuts from your CD I understand why ☺. Please let me know if you have any openings and if you're interested in taking on this task. Also if you can share with me your rates that would be great as well. I'm looking to start immediately. Feel free to contact me either via email or directly by phone. My number is (678)338-1211. Thank you for time and I'm looking forward to your reply.
Krystal J

02.15.16Frank Wagman


I was at the Valentine's Day concert last night. Absolutely fantastic experience. Thank you. I bought the CD with you and Kenny but I really don't have a CD/DVD drive on my laptop. Can you send me a link to download it?

Frank Wagman

02.07.16Rebecca Morrow

I attended the show at the performing arts center in coweta county Saturday January 30th. I really enjoyed the show, especially Joe's humor and stories. I am writing a paper for my music appreciation class. The book they handed out for the show really didn't give me much background into the band or that show in particular. I am learning a lot in this class and before I write a paper, I would love to get more information and see where I could re-listen to some of the songs you guys played. I know there was a lot of Sinatra covers and ella Fitgerald but I would like to expand on that. Thank you in advance for your help. The guys really do a great job together.

02.07.16Jack Moore

Hi Joe,

Would love to hear you and her again, but tickets are $30! Kinda hard on fixed social security income.

Can you put something to gether at a lower price for Shirley & Me?


Jack Moore

01.21.16Ron Jones

Hey Joe,

I'm visiting Atlata this weekend and I was wondering if you could point me in a direction to hear some good Jazz. I'm an Alto player from Louisville, Ky. Kenny Banks and I played a gig in Cincinnati, Ohio many years ago. Is he playing anywhere tomorrow night, or some of the guys in your big band? Please get back to me if you can. I'm staying in Buckhead, and would love to get out to hear some music Friday night Jan. 22nd. Hope to hear from you. Love your music man! Thanks!

01.17.16Stephanie Sheikh


You were recommended by my wedding planner, Ashley Baber. I am interested in getting more information for my wedding on May 28,2017.

Thank you so much!
Stephanie Sheikh

01.15.16Richard Higginbotham

Mr. Gransden, Mr. Howard and Gransden Music Legal Counsel:

We are DEPAG, LLP, representing the Robert Higginbotham/Tommy Tucker Estate and the publisher for the catalog of Tommy Tucker, as well as, the songwriting credits for his intellectual property and copyright owner of compositions and sound recordings. Please contact DEPAG, LLP at your earliest convenience. (937) 322-8851 or email to the email listed. Respectfully,

01.05.16Peggy kalvelage

Fig ur music !

01.05.16Karen Crowe

Hi Joe. My husband (a big fan of yours) is turning 50 in February, and we are planning a small-ish dinner party (maybe 30 guests). I wondered if you might be available on the evening of Feb 12, after our dinner. It will be in a private room at Local 3 in Buckhead. They can accommodate live music, but it would need to be a small setup, maybe 2-3 musicians, although there may be flexibility there.

If you are already booked that night, or you don't do small parties, our second thought was that we could bring the group to wherever you are playing. If it's in Atlanta, of course. :)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon - thank you!

Karen Crowe

12.29.15Kit and Richard

Hi Joe,
Merry Christmas, happy holidays! We are in Vegas, staying at the Wynn. We saw you're playing here NYE, wondered when you're coming in, maybe you are here already. You can text or call us we can get together 770-714-8222
Kit & Richard

12.21.15Bill Deneke


I enjoyed your show last night at Eddie's Attic! I bought a copy of your christmas cd but found when I got home that it had a deep scratch on it and will not play on my computer or cd player. How can I exchange it for a workable copy? I live in Decatur. 678 468-6113. Bill

12.03.15Belinda Massafra

Hey Joe, I've been referred to you by the Atlanta Symphony and recommended by John Head. I am co-chairing the Symphony Ball which will be held on 9/17/2016. We need music for the event. We won't have a large stage so we need a small combo and singer (I've heard you are terrific!) Is there somewhere you're performing in the next few weeks. I'd like to meet and hear you. Belinda Massafra

12.02.15madison cario

Would love to chat re 16/17 and bringing you to campus!

11.17.15Doreen GrandJean

Hi, Joe....I have sent you an email and it is undeliverable. Can you send me your new address? I want to show you something interesting.
Thanks, Aunti D

11.17.15Bernie Dake

Morning Joe. Great meeting you last night. What a great band and night. Fun atmoshphere, killer charts, the players and most of all the encouragement to those young people. Give me a shout, I'd love to have you come over to the studio we run for The Salvation Army. It's a quiet spot and private. My cell phone is: 770-7573381. My e-mail is: bernie.dake@uss.salvationarmy.org



11.10.15john jordan

Hi Joe, this is John. We played with Fezza at Roswell Rotary Golf at Roswell CC a couple monthas ago. My family loves your CD you gave me! Can I pay/oreder 2-3 more? Thanks! 'hit'm straight'

10.16.15Mary Ann Hardman

Joe, I am the chairperson of a benefit in Highlands, NC in September of 2016.

What is your fee for a performance? Do you require the entire big band? Would you mind if the guests danced to the music?

The venue (highlands falls country club) might not have the ecoustics for a "big band." Just wondering if you offer a smaller option.

Thank you!
P.S. My sweetheart and I thoroughly enjoyed your performance at the Rialto several years ago. I believe it was a Johnny mercer commemorative.

All the best!

Mary Ann Hardman

10.14.15Ellen Fruchtman

I got your name from Jim Basille's niece, Andrea. I am looking for some entertainment for a cocktail event I am hosting at AmericasMart in January.
I was hoping that you might have a 2-3 piece ensemble that would work. The event is Wednesday, January 13 from 5 - 7 pm.

Can you help?

10.01.15Jeff Cary

We would like to speak with Joe regarding a 2-day festival that we are planning with the n Autism Society of Georgia, scheduled for September 2016. I can be reached at 678 767-0808.




Joe... You sang at our wedding almost a year ago now .. Fly me to the Moon !! So .. Since then we were featured on a magazine cover & inside where u were mentioned ..maybe this is good for you.. Hope so !! Call me !/ PJ ..678-521-0777

09.15.15Brooke Hammonds

Hi Joe! Do you and your band play for weddings? I am a friend of Kimberly Ladany and Bob Weiner and have seen you play many times. You are amazing and I would be honored to have you at my wedding. I am getting married Spring 2016. Possibly Saturday April 23rd in Atlanta at the Cator Woolford Gardens at the Frazer Center. My phone is 404-931-9904. Please send me a quote ! Thank you Joe!



I'm a free lance journalist in Belgium, and I write for the website www.keysandchords.com.
This is a music site in the Dutch language on all kinds of music, but I specialize in soul, funk, disco, jazz funk, smooth & contemporary jazz, bossa nova, lounge music/Chill Out and New Age.
Could I receive a copy of the new album Songs of Sinatra & Friends for reviewing on our site? No downloads please.
And please don’t write a high value on the postal tag. We have to pay import taxes here in Belgium.
You'll be notified when the review is on line.

Bye and thank you,



My friend Olivia and I are becoming regulars at your Cafe 290 gigs. You guys are great.
Wondered if you have a song in your book, if not, I think your band would totally kill it. You might have to arrange the beginning down from the dog hearing range to human ranges but I think Gospel John by Maynard Ferguson would be a hot addition to your playlist.

See you in September


07.30.15Tom Carpenter

I am still producing Atlanta Jazz and Blues. Would love to have the big band or combo for a session at the Comcast studio. I am starting to schedule for 2016. We record 2 times
a month. The show can be seen at
TV47.NET - mon to fri 7PM, 10PM.
We have no budget and offer you a
DVD of the session and exposure on TV47. Thanks,
Tom Carpenter


07.22.15Gene Granados

Are you still planning to play the 1st Monday evening at Cafe 290 in September (Labor Day Weekend, Sept 7th)? I have friends coming into town that weekend and we'd love to see you! Thanks

07.15.15Laurence Beer

Does Mr. Gansden ever give private lessons in the Atlanta area?

06.30.15Charlene Berryman

My daughter is getting married on Friday evening on September 25th at the Highlands, NC. We are looking for a person like you - you are awesome - to sing during dinner for dinner music. Our theme is a tuscany - Italian theme. Maybe if we can't get you or afford you, maybe play your CD's. Would like to see if you are available. dinner is for 1.5 hours. We have a band for later after dinner.

06.25.15Debbie Draffin

Hi Joe. Were you able to give Scott's CD (Somewhere Down the Road) to Mr. Eastwood? Plaese let me know.

I would be interested in your comments as welll. Scott is planning a CD release gig at Chruchilll Grounds on July 17.

Many thanks! Debbie

06.11.15Stan Oden

Hi Joe-I had the pleasure of enjoying you and others playing at Twains for quite some time. Whenever my dad, an outstanding pianist, visited us from Phoenix, I was sure to bring him down so he could sit in with you all. He now lives in the Atlanta area (Acworth), and I wanted to check with you to get the two of you together and/or see, if you knew of someone looking for an accomplished pianist. He has so much experience and talent to share, and still clearly has stamina and a lot of endurance, despite turning 84 this year. he played in college with Nat Adderly, Rufus Jones and others, and I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d love to have someone listen to him extensively so he might get something regular going. He had a trio for several years of late in the Phoenix area called Foster Oden & Friends, We\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll be sure to come to Café 290 this Monday, June 15. But contact me if possible. Thanks Stan Oden 678-524-8161

05.25.15Brad Sayler

If you have an e-mail list, please add me to it.


I live in central Virginia, and I travel a lot. Hope I get a chance to catch your show some time.

All the best,

Brad sayler

05.25.15Rick tegtmeier

We are having a graduation party for my son
June 28
Pleasantville New York USA

I was wondering if you were in New York Area at that time If so what would cost be to perform at party

This would be a complete surprise to my son and wife So either way appreciate if you only contact me and not mention to dom as he would mention to Tracy

Rick tegtmeier

04.27.15Shane Buckley

Hey Joe..long time no see, but never forgotten!! I know you saw Steve and Laura a few weeks ago, and when my organization told me about our annual fundraiser and how they normally do jazz, I thought, “man I have the PERFECT guy, let me reach out to him." You can obviously google VEO (Veterans Empowerment Organization), but we've been around since 2008, and we have a comprehensive homeless veteran rehab program. I have on-site transitional and supportive permanent housing, while previously homeless veterans work with me, the Social Enterprise Manager, a Case Manager or Jobs Development Manager to assist them in job/career development & training, drug and/or alcohol counseling where needed, or whatever they need. We literally are a one-stop shop for assisting previously homeless veterans in acquiring life skills, job skills, benefits if applicable and helping them regain their independence and sustainability. Anyway, our event is July 23rd at the 755 Club from 6-10 p.m. I know you’re contracted with the Ritz, but I don’t know if that applies so far out or not. I’d love to talk to you about doing the event, but if you can’t, I also know some of your guys you play regularly with, along with other guys from the big band, have their own things they do too and if not you, maybe you can put me in touch with them. Just let me know so I know what direction to take and can get appropriate funding approval from our board. Thanks man, and I look forward to talking with you!!

Shane Buckley
Social Enterprise Coordinator

Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO) - VEOHERO.ORG
373 West Lake Avenue NW | Atlanta, GA 30318 | 1-800-VEO-1129
Office: 404-889-8710 | Fax: 404-963-1054 | E-Fax: 800-VEO-1132

04.22.15April Miller

I can't believe it, I see you on pbs, look you up, click on your site and you are singing one of mine and husband's favorite songs. Probably can't afford you, but want to find about you for my happy 100th Frank Sinatra birthday (I am turning 60, but don't want to advertise that, so the FS party instead)

04.04.15Marc Fearney


I am throwing a 50th birthday party and was inquiring about your rates for a three piece trio?


03.26.15Shahada Lockett

Greeting's Joe...I will be coming to see the magnificence of your band playing at the Mandarin, I so miss singing with you and the Band...Im back on the Atl. scene and it's going to be a Ride...If you can I would dream to sing a little Nat King Cole's Nature Boy with you. Either way im coming to sit Back and Listen to one of my favorite experiences here in Ga. See ya There!

03.25.15Gin Willis

Hi Joe,
It was a pleasure speaking with you just now.
Please send promotional material especially wording for advertisement for the concert at University Yacht Club.
Also, give me a call and we can co-ordinate a time to take a cruise prior to the event.
Gin Willis

03.11.15Dean Sanders

From A big fan. The guy that told you the joke about the song my mother sang to me when I was "in utero". Loved your concert on Monday. One constructive comment: "Embraceable you" works better at a faster tempo. How about putting Mancini's , "Two for the Road into your repertoire?

03.10.15Howard Cliff

Sorry I couldn't get you some frech fries last night! What a GREAT concert and some GREAT music. Saw Benny Goodman live doing Sing, Sing, Sing in 1958 with Gene Krupa, Harry James, Lionel Hampton, Ziggy Elman, Teddy Wilson and others. Saw Harry James do 2 oclock jump on Steel Pier in the mid fifties. Also saw Gene Krupa and his band there. Wanted to hang around and say "hello" to you and your guys but the folks I was with were in a hurry to get out of there Will definately be back in April!

03.08.15Frank Montelione

I'm the bald bearded fat retired cop that sits with David and Linda Pearce. I wanted to catch you up with what's happening with Dave.

He had taken a fall and ruptured a disk. He had a special procedure done and is feeling a lot better but he is still a little shakey. WE"LL BR BACK as soon as he can maneuver better.

We're all going on a trip to the northeast in May. I'm a retired cop from the Belmont Race Track area. (nebver got a good tip). We wanted to know when you're going to be at Blue Note in Harlem. Hopefully it will be while we're there.

My phone is 770-679-1254 and my cell is 321-298-2606
Hope to hear from you.

03.03.15Tracy Dietrich

Dear Joe, I have attended several of your performances at the Georgia Ensemble Theater, Velvet Note and Cafe 290. Each time I bring new friends to introduce them to your music and they love it! There are 4 of us attending Monday, 3/9 performance at the Georgia Ensemble Theater to celebrate our March birthdays. Will you please give a birthday shout out to: Dave Frew, Tracy Dietrich, Kevin & ChristineFoster in celebration of our birthdays? Thank you for considering this and for the incredible entertainment you and your orchestra provide! Sincerely, Tracy 770.570.7645

02.18.15Becky Clutter

Hello! We're in the process of planning our company's 30th anniversary party, and I was wondering how much you would charge to perform at the party. We're in the very early planning stages, but I'm thinking the party will be 3 hours on a Saturday evening later this year in the Marietta area. There will be about 100 people in attendance.

Becky Clutter

01.26.15Dan DiGennaro

Joe! Wow. Great to see you are doing well. I saw Jeff Jarvis a couple of years ago and he referred me here. Always thought this is where you should be. I didn't think college was big enough for you. You needed to get out which I was glad you did! Gotta admit, jealous of you meeting my hero Clint Eastwood though! Probably do not remember me but that is ok. (Friends with Al) Anyway, congratulations. I am still playing, so if you need someone! Just kidding. take care. Dan


Looking to see you have any openings for your trumpet section...if so, I'm looking to get back to school sometimes this spring or summer taking up jazz studies, performance in jazz or just Performance on trumpet. Already made some connections with some people as well finding the right colleges that has the right music programs.

Been playing trumpet for over a decade now and still play good.

Love to hear back.

01.17.15Jayne Knotts

Hey Joe,
We love attending your shows - particularly when you're in Columbus! Your itinerary says you'll be in Columbus on January 25 at 11 a.m.???? That's a Sunday and half the town is in church. Is it a misprint? Hope to see you soon - if not there - somewhere!

01.14.15Eric Miller

We would like to price out the full band for an event we have at our Vineyard in Cleveland Ga. The event is on March 7th, starting at 6:30. We may want a "break-out" quartet at the begginning, and then the full band during the event.

You can see our vineyard here:

01.09.15Ervin Ablaev

Hello, my name is Ervin Ablaev,

I just graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston .

I play tenor say and looking for some work in Atlanta.

I was wondering if there is an opening for a tenor sax in the Big band.
Please let me know if there is.
thank you very much


01.04.15Robin Muretisch

Hi. We're interested in hearing the band at Roswell's Georgia Ensemble Theater in March. Can you tell me if that's a concert only or whether it includes dancing?

12.23.14Robyn Elliott

Hi Joe, Just fell in love with you and your band at Eddic's Attic Sunday night! I am giving my brother and his wife your cd for Christmas but will also treat them to one of your concerts (it'll be part of the package) -- however I have no idea when you might have a public gig coming up on a Friday or Saturday night in near future. Can you let me know if you will be at Cafe 290 EVER on a weekend night??

So glad I wanted to see Francine and found you! Can't believe I didn't know about you until now. Shame on me!

Thanks for any thoughts on future performances.

Merry Christmas!

12.18.14Louise lindke

We saw Joe last night and grabbed two cd but would like another Christmas one for a friend. Can I order online?


Hey Joe - could you call me Monday to discuss Kenny playing for our attorney event January 24? He was great last night!

12.01.14Lane Clark

Hey Joe,

When will you have January itinerary published? Wife and I are going to be in Atlanta January 1 thru 4 to celebrate our 47th anniversary. Staying at Intercontinental and was wondering if you would be at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead during that time?

Thanks and we need to get together for golf.

Lane Clark


Hi Joe,

Have the Tuesday evening jam sessions completely died out?


11.25.14Bert Skellie

Is the jazz jam still happening at Eddie's Attic? I saw another listing on Eddie's facebook page for tonight (Tue, 11/25).